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Powerful solutions to accelerate content workflows and facilitate collaboration from end to end

  • Draft and edit content within a user-friendly rich text editor
  • Submit requests to editors for review and approval
  • Share drafts with non-users for review and approval
  • Navigate past revisions, including comments, and track changes
Content Management
  • Organize, sort, search, and access vast volumes of structured data
  • Leverage existing templates or create new ones for front- and back-end applications
  • Assess content performance in real-time
  • Apply tags and descriptions to make files searchable and easily categorized
Publishing Engine
  • Power websites, blogs, intranets, extranets, mobile apps, and other outputs
  • Create beautiful outputs across an assortment of file formats that can be utilized by all business units, whether for presentations, proposals, reports, and beyond
  • Deliver responsive, accessible experiences for stakeholders across digital touchpoints
  • Visualize data performance on elegant, customizable dashboard interface
  • Leverage RubyApps 360° relationships to exact rich insights across structured content pillars
  • Use pre-fabricated dashboards by business unit/seat or customize your own
Smart Content
  • Dynamically serve relevant content to visitors on web properties based on location, scoring, geography, past behavior, and other customizable criteria
  • Recommend content to target audiences based on structured content relationships and browsing behaviors
API Connection
  • Pull critical data into RubyApps from other back-end systems, or push it out, from an open, REST-based API
  • Use the test harness to try a sample call before running an integration
  • Avail of complete, color-coded documentation to stay organized

End-to-end Content Lifecycle Management

Today’s enterprise business units and teams are challenged to do more with less across an ever-expanding landscape of communication channels, project stakeholders, and systems.

“How can we accelerate the content creation process while also increasing accountability?”

Eliminate content sprawl across your enterprise by defining an authoritative, centralized source for key content, including brand-approved messaging, team member profiles, and general marketing, sales, and communications language.

With RubyApps, team leaders can enable multiple stakeholders to access, maintain, and distribute approved content, while also keeping that content consistent for publication across different channels (e.g., web, social media, print, data management, etc.) of output. Always know which version is the latest.

“How can we reduce bottlenecks while maintaining brand integrity across departments and channels?”

Reduce frustration caused by waiting on edits and approval from peers and supervisors. Using RubyApps, lean marketing teams can distribute responsibility for content updates across the organization, to keep workflows and progress moving while maintaining editorial control and complete revision management. Nobody likes a bottleneck.

“How can we reduce the number of systems required to manage disparate content?”

As an end-to-end Content Lifecycle Management platform, RubyApps makes it easy to create, manage, deliver, and analyze content. Simply put, it does what traditional content management, content marketing, collaboration software, and business intelligence platforms can’t—everything.

RubyApps is uniquely a one-stop-shop where localized and distributed teams can work together from ideation through evaluation within a single environment that’s intuitive and easy to use. Rather than investing in disparate systems, use one: RubyApps.


What our clients and partners have to say

"RubyApps is so user friendly. It feels like such a huge step forward!”
—Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Global law firm with 20 offices
"RubyApps continues to impress us with how easy it is to use. It’s as though it’s reverse engineered with us in mind, which is a huge bonus for our team.”
—Head of Communications, Top-tier investment advisory firm
"I've used a lot of content management systems, and RubyApps is probably the best I've ever seen.”
—Chief Marketing Officer, Leading professional services firm


RubyApps features cutting-edge content collaboration tools, included shared previews, clear revision management, avatar-powered activity and notes management, as well as a visual differencing engine, which makes working together across teams and departments simple, easy, and efficient.

Screen 1


With RubyApps, administrators can quickly and effectively manage back-end content and business data templates and fields. Comprehensive documentation that updates in real-time and pairs with clear logging of API requests enables internal IT teams and third-party developers to instantly implement integrations.

Screen 2

AI-enhanced Search

RubyApps provides industry-leading, real-time search results for all of your website content and business data. Our search capabilities range from instantaneous type-ahead and autocomplete search interfaces to advanced AI- and Machine Learning-driven indexing algorithms customized to your dataset.

Screen 4


RubyApps features industry-leading privacy and security controls, from Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection to detailed user logging. Advanced threat mitigation and an integrated global Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensure that your application is securely and efficiently accessed, wherever your users are. Together, these features provide a trusted environment for local and distributed teams.

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